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The companys selection of natural stone products encompasses quarry blocks. Porfiman not only gathers the finest stones across the country but it also has various quarries ensuring high quality products as per your request. The stone range includes Marble, Travertine and Onyx.
Our products, according to their shape, can be divided into

o Blocks: geometrical blocks, roughly of a parallelepiped shape;
o Shapeless Blocks: not brought to a regular, geometrical shape;
o Shapeless Pieces: rock fragments of various shapes and sizes in Onyx quarries,
deriving from processing activities in the quarry. This type of material is known to be used for handicraft

Sizes of our standard blocks are usually as follows:

o Length: 210-320 cm
o Height: 100-210 cm.
o Width: 60 - 200 cm.

Please see the samples below for further information.