Iran is ranked among the worlds top 15 major mineral-rich countries with 60 kinds of mineral production, total measured and estimated resources are about 52,000 MT ( Ministry of mine and Industry of Iran record : 2005)

Our team of geologists continuously scout the Iran landscape to identify ever new varieties of natural stones to complement our offer to the world.

Porfimans Quarry Complex stone range includes Marble, Travertine and Onyx stone quarries and we ensure regular supplies of unique textures and shades. To provide guarantees regarding the quality of our materials, transparency and customer care as a priority goal, we are delighted to welcome customers to our premises at all times to inspect our extracted blocks.

The blocks are classified depending of their quality, size and tonality, making it much easier for our clients to inspect and choose the material. Our sales department team will be pleased to help and advise you as well as recommending to you the different uses of the material depending on your requirements.